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12/01/12 - Hensley's Flying Elephant, Carlsbad, CA

If you have any questions about tickets please call 760-845-1131 or email info@birdsofpreyband.com

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Meet The Band


Lead Vocals & Rhythm Guitar

Preston has been playing the guitar for 4 years and always had a love for singing since he could talk. Preston joined Birds of Prey a little over 2 years ago. Preston's musical equipment of choice is Line 6, Epiphone and Dunlop. Preston's favorite bands are The Rolling Stones, Journey, MGMT and Queen. His idols are Mick Jagger, Steve Perry and Dave Mustaine. When he is not practicing his music he enjoys skateboarding and hanging out with friends.




Rilind (The Bug) grew up around music. His papa (or grandpa) got him into music at an early age by letting him play on various instruments and watching his papa’s band Sherwil perform or practice. He started after-school lessons in 3rd grade, then started taking guitar lessons at the CCMA. In 2009 he started playing bass. He has been upgrading his equipment ever since. Rilind is influenced by Mark Hoppus, Flea, Steve Harris, Paul McCartney, Paul Gray and all his supportive family members. After a brief stint of playing and singing with another band, his friend Preston invited him to try out for Birds of Prey. His equipment of choice is Fender, Ibanez, Tortex, Carvin, Ampeg and Behringer. When he’s not playing bass or guitar, he is usually playing lacrosse, sleeping, hanging out with his friends, sleeping, playing video games, or sleeping.




Justin started playing drums when he was 11 years old. He met Jeffrey, Birds of Prey lead guitarist at a Rock Band summer camp at the CCMA in 2008. Later they started Birds of Prey with their instructor Damon. The band had only been together for a short time before they replaced the old singer with their current singer, Preston. They have been going strong ever since then. Justin enjoys playing drums and creating music. "It is fun to see the crowds faces when we perform on stage" says Justin. His influences are his parents, Shaun Drover of Megadeth, Neil Peart, Nicko McBrain, Tommy Lee, his drum instructor Ted, and the bands current music instructor, Patrick. He also enjoys fishing, camping, and hanging out with friends.



Lead Guitar

Jeffrey aspired to guitar the same way most young modern day children do, Guitar Hero. After learning how to play the video game version of a guitar so quickly, he challenged himself to learn the real thing. A few months later in the summer of 2007 Jeffrey received his first guitar. After a year of finger blistering practice becoming more inspired by other celebrity guitarists such as Dave Mustaine, Van Halen, and Slash, Jeffrey discovered the CCMA (Children’s Conservatory for Music Arts). When he started, it was merely meant as a summer program to keep him busy. But later down the line, it got more serious. That’s when he joined the Birds of Prey, as one of the original members. But back then there were only two, Jeffrey and Justin, the drummer of the band. Later Preston , the lead singer joined the band. Jeffrey’s current equipment of choice includes Dean band guitars, Marshall amplifiers, and Line 6 effect equipment.


'Birds of Prey' are destined for a big career. These guys really rock - HARD - and put on a great show too.

Don't miss them!

- Charlie Swatts, Rolling The Stones